Multiple Healths: Pasts, presents and futures of bio-medicine and wellbeing in/with Africa

  • Datum: 11 maj, kl. 09.0012 maj, kl. 17.00
  • Plats: Blåsenhus Sydney Alrutz Room, 13:026 Blåsenhus, von Kraemers Allé 1A
  • Föreläsare: Abena Osseo-Asare, Dept of History, University of Texas at Austin, USA; Bilinda Straight, Dept of Anthropology and Dept of Gender and Women’s Studies, Western Michigan University, USA; Esmeralda Mariano, Dept of Anthropology, Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique; Hannah Akuffo, Unit of Research Cooperation, Sida, Sweden; Hussein Kidanto, Ministry of Health and Dept of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Muhimbili National Hospital, Tanzania; Noemi Tousignant, Dept of History, Université de Montréal, Canada; Ruth Prince, Dept of Community Medicine and Global Health, University of Oslo, Norway; Wenzel Geissler, Dept of Anthropology, University of Oslo, Norway
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  • Arrangör: Forum för Afrikastudier
  • Kontaktperson: Eren Zink
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A two-day international symposium organized by Forum for Africa Studies at Uppsala University on 11-12 May 2017. Registration of participation:

In this symposium we ask how local aspirations for, and visions of, health and well-being in African contexts are, or have been, facilitated, compromised, or bypassed by globally connected bio-medical projects and practices. Moving beyond critiques of evidence-based medicine or globally mobile models of medical knowledge and practice, the symposium explores cases where local actors and organizations seek to realize improvements in health that do not always conform to coexisting global/regional/national health priorities, programmes, policies or concepts. We further explore actor’s explicit, implicit and hidden strategies for capturing global practices and resource flows to facilitate local visions of health and well-being in Africa.

The symposium is an activity of the Health, Politics and Culture in Africa theme at Uppsala University’s Forum for Africa Studies. To register, please visit:

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