Inauguration of Professors

24 new professors will be inaugurated in the grand ceremony in the University Main Building.

During the ceremony, the following inaugural lectures will be held:

Sven Oskarsson, Faculty of Social Sciences: Familjesammanhang och politiskt engagemang.
Rose-Marie Amini, Faculty of Medicine: Malignt lymfom – diagnos med många utmaningar.
Johannes Messinger, Faculty of Science and Technology: Hur bakterier löste energiproblemet.

The inauguration ceremony is open to the public. Tickets are available in the entrance hall of the University Main Building, from 10:00 on Thursday 16 November until the beginning of the ceremony. Tickets that will not be used should be returned.

The Grand Auditorium opens at 14:30. Seats are to be taken no later than 15:00.


Most of the inaugural lectures will be given separately, in the week leading up to the inauguration of professors:

13 November: The Faculty of Medicine’s new professors’ inaugural lectures

14 November: The Faculty of Arts’ new professors’ inaugural lectures

14 November: The Faculty of Languages’ new professor’s inaugural lecture

14 November: The Faculty of Law’s new professor’s inaugural lecture

15 November: The Faculty of Social Sciences’ new professors’ inaugural lectures

16 November: The Faculty of Science and Technology’s new professors’ inaugural lectures