Summer Closing Ceremony for Master’s students

At the end of each academic year, Uppsala University organizes a summer closing ceremony for all Master's students who are completing their studies. Individual Master's programmes and/or university departments may also arrange graduation events and activities for their students. Students are of course welcome to partake in both.

We welcome all students in the process of finalizing their Master's studies at Uppsala University. Students do not need to have received their degree in order to attend the ceremony as it is not a formal graduation ceremony. Please note that no Master's degree certificates will be awarded at the ceremony, students must actively apply for a degree. More information below, under “Apply for a Degree”.

The ceremony, which is held in the Grand Auditorium of the University Main Building, includes speeches in English and musical entertainment. After the ceremony there is a reception, non-alcoholic drinks will be served on the ground floor in the hall. The Chancellor's Room (and the connecting rooms) on the upper floor will be open, you'll find portraits depicting kings, cultural figures, professors who have been active at the university over the centuries, and also different photo stations to have your picture taken with your friends and classmates.

16.00 Seats must be taken in the Grand Auditorium, ceremony begins

17.00 Reception with light refreshments

19.00 End of event

Follow this link to RSVP to the event, there is no cost for attending the ceremony. Last day to RSVP is May 7th. Any questions regarding the ceremony can be sent to Alexandra Abde, project manager at the unit of student recruitment.