Analysis of Russian Disinformation Campaign against Belarus during the Integration Talks

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with Dr. Vasil Navumau (IRES)

The article analyzes the connection of fake news to political discourse in the latest between Russia and Belarus on “further integration,” or the process of “political and economic absorption” of Belarus, that took place between September and December 2019. Russian media used false reports and fake news to put forward their agenda and “interpellate” Russian support among Belarusian citizens. The Belarusian president himself disputed the narratives. The article uses content analysis to identify the specificity of the pro-integration discourses in the resources launched by the Russian authorities within the last four months. This paper contributes to academic literature that analyzes how fake news influences Eastern European political discourse. 

Vasil Navumau completed his PhD at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is a postdoc researcher at Uppsala Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES). His research interests lie at the intersection of such areas as comparative analysis of contemporary protest trends in the Eastern European countries, challenges to the local societies and cultures under the influence of globalization and information-communicative technologies (e.g. orchestrated disinformation campaigns, proliferation of populist messages and establishment of post-truth society), analysis of social media and digital communities.