U-CARE seminarserie: Hjärtinfarkt och lindrig kognitiv störning

Thea Liljeroos presenterar resultat från en intervjustudie med personer med en lindrig kognitiv störning som har haft en hjärtinfarkt. Hur ser deras utmaningar ut?

Efter presentationen diskuterar professor Louise von Essen och doktorand Chelsea Coumoundouros studien tillsammans med Thea Liljeroos och övriga deltagare.

Kontakta Miro Anter för Zoom-länk till seminariet, som hålls på engelska.

Sammanfattning av studien:

A myocardial infarction (MI) may introduce new demands in the form of lifestyle changes and adherence to medical regimens, demands that may be particularly challenging for patients suffering from simultaneous cognitive impairments. In this study we aimed to explore the self-perceived cognitive status and cognitive challenges associated with cardiac rehabilitation among older MI patients (≥65 years).

Nine MI patients were interviewed, by telephone or in person, between six and 12 weeks post MI.

The findings suggest that elderly MI patients are situated in a changing and complex life context, in which the MI experience is marginalised, and cognitive decline normalized. Individually tailored interventions and improved healthcare provider continuity and accessibility could make cognitive challenges, such as patient-caregiver communication and treatment adherence, easier to overcome.

U-CARE seminarserie: Hjärtinfarkt och lindrig kognitiv störning