Breakfast Discussions: The crisis in The Swedish Academy

  • Date: –09:00
  • Location: The Segerstedt Buildning Restaurang Segerstedt, floor K1
  • Lecturer: Panel: Margaretha Fahlgren, Professor in Literature and Göran Svensson, Senior lecturer in Informatics and Media Moderator: Anna Liv Jonsson, Project manager Communications Division
  • Organiser: Communications Division
  • Contact person: Anna Liv Jonsson
  • Phone: 070-425 05 48
  • Studentevenemang

Have you heard about the crisis in The Swedish Academy? Are you interested in how Swedish media portraits the good guy and the bad guy, or why the Nobel prize in literature will not be awarded this year? We have invited a few expert to talk about this issue and how it's been portrayed in Swedish media.

The domain for humanities and social sciences is now launching a series of breakfast lectures with topics trending in the Swedish media. This is the first one. We're especially interested in the perspectives of our international students, and how they may differ from the perspectives of the Swedish students.

The event starts with breakfast, then short talk from each of our experts and an open discussion. Welcome!


Last day to register is May 15th.

Breakfast Discussions: The crisis in The Swedish Academy