Matariki Humanities Colloquium: The Past & the Future

The Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) is an international group of leading, like-minded universities, each amongst the most historic in its own country. The Uppsala Colloquium will be the last in the series of colloquia which started in Dartmouth in 2013, but it will also be the first colloquium in the new round of network activities.

Drawing on this transitional character, the theme of the Uppsala Colloquium is The Past & the Future. The programme will run through four main stations: 1) The Beginning (Day 1), when delegates from the all partner universities will summarize and remind each other about the contents and outcomes of all the past colloquia; 2) The Past (Day 2), with presentations and constructive discussions on good examples from the past network activities; 3) The Future (Day 3), when focus shifts towards the continued collaborations, specifically the preferred contents and forms of future network activities; and 4) The Proposal (Day 4), when the good experiences and visions for the future are fused into a concrete proposal for the continued network activities.