The Swedish boat races

The traiditional boat race between Uppsala and Lund, on the river Fyris, with finish next to the Ultuna sports grounds.

Spectator info:

The regatta will be held on September 29th on the river Fyris with the finish next to the Ultuna sports grounds, a few hundred meters downstream from the rowing clubs boat house. Easiest way to get there is to take the bike, and follow Fyris downstream (on the west side), it takes about 20 min from downtown. First start at 1 pm.

General info:

The university boat race (“UK-rodden”) is a rowing competition between the oldest university cities in Sweden: Uppsala and Lund. The crews competing are from Uppsala academic rowing society (UARS) and Lund university rowing club (LURK). The regatta is a yearly event since 1993, with the The Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge as inspiration. Every second year the race is held in Lund, and every second year in Uppsala. This year’s competition is the twenty-fifth one, and the total score before this year's event is: UARS: 40 vs LURK: 32.

This year’s race:

The boat race of 2018 will be held on the river Fyris, with start next to the Sunnersta hills and finish next to Ultuna. The stretch is almost 2000 m (olympic distance), two races will be held in boats off four rowers (men's A-team and men's B-team) and one race in boats off eight rowers (women's team).

Time table:

13.00 Start Men’s B-race (inrigged four with cox)

13.15 Start Men’s A-race (coxless four)

13.30 Start Women’s race (coxless eightr)

We welcome all spectators, so you’re most welcme to come by, have a look, and cheer Uppsala to victory!

Photo: Lukas J. Herbers

The Swedish boat races