Anders Wall-föreläsningen 2018

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Universitetsaulan
  • Lecturer: Barbara Bergström (Internationella Engelska skolan), Jarno Vanhatapio (NA-KD, Nelly. com), Isabella Löwengrip (Löwengrip Invest) och Ben Gorham (Byredo)
  • Organiser: Stiftelsen Anders Walls professur i entreprenörskap, Entrepreneurs Academy, Uppsala universitet
  • Contact person:
  • Föreläsning

We know that you all have been waiting since last year… but now the wait is finally over! The project group of the Anders Wall Lecture invites you to a day in the spirit of entrepreneurship. The day will be filled with events where the lecture is the main act.

The Anders Wall Lecture is the largest lecture about entrepreneurship in Scandinavia and is a collaboration between Uppsala University, Entrepreneurs Academy and Anders Walls Professorship in Entrepreneurship.

The purpose with the lecture is to inspire students to creativity and entrepreneurship by inviting successful entrepreneurs to speak about their inspiring journeys. During the lecture there will also be entertainment and the scholarship “Uppsalastudent” will be handed out. Two of the performances will be held in English.

Do you want do be a volunteer during the day? Apply here:

Career fair
Before the lecture we welcome you to the career fair where you as a student will be given the opportunity to interact with future employers and win prizes. The companies are well established in Sweden and some have a connection to Uppsala. If you are one of the 50 first guests at the career fair you will get a sponsored lunch from Uppsalas own Dr. Falafel. Dr. Falafel will of course stay until the beginning of the Anders Wall Lecture.

When: 20th of November at 11am-1pm
Where: The grand auditorium in the University Main Building