Lecture by Honorary Doctor Margot Gerritsen

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Polacksbacken Mässen, 6140, ITC
  • Lecturer: Margot Gerritsen
  • Organiser: Department of Information Technology
  • Contact person: Salman Toor
  • Föreläsning

Public lecture by professor Margot Gerritsen, appointed honorary doctor at the Faculty of Science and Technology 2019, with the title A discussion around Data Science Education.

Margot Gerritsen is a professor at the Department of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University in the U.S. and Director of Stanford’s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering. Gerritsen researches renewable and fossil energy production, coastal ocean dynamics, yacht design and several other areas in computational mathematics. During the last 20 years, she has been actively involved in educational and research collaboration between Uppsala University and Stanford, particularly in computational mathematics. On several occasions Gerritsen has visited the Department of Information Technology for short or longer stays, and she has helped undergraduates and doctoral students and employees at Uppsala University spend time or assume positions at Stanford.