Walk for all brains – Bissen Brainwalk

  • Date: –12:00
  • Location: Segerstedthuset, von Kraemers Alle 2
  • Organiser: Uppsala universitet och Bissen BrainWalk i samarbete med Svenska bandyfinalerna och Sirius bandy.
  • Contact person: Ronnie Alsén
  • Phone: 070-1679206
  • Familjeaktivitet

Take the chance to make a difference by taking part in Uppsala's most urgent walk. By contributing SEK 50 or any higher amount, you enable important brain research to move forward.

Starting point: the Segerstedt Building, von Kraemers allé 2, Uppsala. The walk is about 2 km long and ends at Studenternas IP where the women's bandy final is played at 12:00.

Starting fee: SEK 50 per person or, optionally, higher amount, goes directly to brain research. The entry fee includes entrance ticket to the bandy final for ladies. Paid in cash on site or via Swish to 123 900 41 44.

Before the walk, from 09.30, you are welcome into the Segerstedt Building for a cup of coffee / tea / juice. There are brain researchers from Uppsala University who give talks and answer questions about the brain and brain-related diseases. Come and pose your questions about how the brain works.




Where: Uppsala University / Segerstedthuset, von Kraemers allé 2, Uppsala

09:30 The doors to the Segerstedthuset (entrance to von Kraemer's avenue) open and coffee / tea / juice is offered. The Segerstedt restaurant has the café open.

10:10 Brain researcher on site in Restaurang Segerstedt. They answer your particular questions about the brain and brain related diseases.

11:00 The start of the charity walk Bissen Brainwalk. Mathias "Bissen" Larsson takes the lead. Meet outside the entrance to Segerstedthuset (von Kraemers avenue 2). The walk finishes at Studenternas IP and is just under 2 km long. The entry fee includes entrance ticket to the bandy final for ladies.

12:00 SM bandy final for ladies at Studenternas IP.


Bring family and friends and make your contribution! See you on March 23!


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Mathias "Bissen" Larsson, father of two children and triple Swedish champion in bandy, was hit by a powerful stroke 34 years old. He survived against all odds and today leads the popular movement Bissen Brainwalk, which has been carried out in a number of Swedish towns and has collected several million for the research.

More about Bissen Brainwalk at http://www.bissenbrainwalk.se/


Researchers on site:

Joachim Burman, doctor and associate professor of neurology, has been awarded funds by Bissen Brainwalk for researching the biological and clinical effects of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) as treatment for the neurological disease multiple sclerosis. The aim of the research is to learn more about which patients have the greatest benefit from HSCT and why the treatment is effective.

Klas Kullander, Professor of Medical Developmental Biology, has been awarded funds by Bissen Brainwalk to research the counteracting of memory loss in dementia - analysis of memory circles. Klas Kullander researches nerve cell circuits and their function. His international research group at Uppsala University studies nerve cell circuits that are important for learning, memory, motor skills and cognition. The studies are conducted using genetic, molecular biology and electrophysiological methods.

Walk for all brains – Bissen Brainwalk