Jaget, laget, Dotterbolaget: En studie av feministiskt nätverkande och rummets betydelse

  • Date:
  • Location: Sal IV, Universitetshuset, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala
  • Doctoral student: Hinchcliffe Voglio, Gabriela
  • About the dissertation
  • Organiser: Kulturgeografiska institutionen
  • Contact person: Hinchcliffe Voglio, Gabriela
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This research explores how entrepreneurship interacts with feministic political commitments and praxis. It shows that this interaction is intimately shaped by its spatial setting, in this case Möllevången in the city of Malmö, Sweden.

For a long time, the independent comics industry in Sweden has had men in leading positions and the medium has had masculinist connotations. My thesis shows that for women and transgender persons working in such a male-dominated industry, networking and collaborating are crucial for succeeding and staying in business. The particular network studied here is Dotterbolaget, a women and transgender separatist comic’s network based in Malmö.

Dotterbolaget practices a feministic approach. The thesis analyses firstly its work practices and secondly the motives animating their adoption. Avoiding competition and promoting collaboration are important factors. So too is finding a means of motivation other than monetary, such as having fun and creating a professional environment for one another. The analysis also considers the spatial setting of the network, showing the deep significance of physical place. Finally, the non-hierarchal form of the network is considered. What does it mean to work as a comic’s artist without hierarchies in an individualised society? What tensions and strengths does such an organisational form give rise to?