Natural resources and sustainable development: the energy dimensions

  • Date: –11:00
  • Location: Campus Gotland Sal E22
  • Lecturer: Dr Heracles Polatidis
  • Organiser: Institutionen för geovetenskaper
  • Contact person: Heracles Polatidis
  • Docentföreläsning

The Department of Earth Sciences hereby invite all interested to a docent (associate professorship) lecture in subject Natural resources and sustainable development


The world’s natural resources are capital assets that include land, water, air, minerals, forests, fisheries and wild flora and fauna. These resources deliver the ecosystem services that provide fundamental life support, in the form of both consumptive and public-good services. Nevertheless, in many cases, these assets are undergoing rapid degradation and depletion. Sustainable natural resource management refers to the utilization of such resources in  a way that simultaneously takes into account their societal, economic, environmental, technological and resource-based attributes and aims to identify optimal trade-offs among them. This lecture will focus on the sustainable management of energy resources, both conventional and renewable. It will present their main characteristics, describe their use in the context of current energy systems, identify their sustainability dimensions and summarize ways for effective decision-making. Then, relevant state-of-the-art research will be presented along with the Dept. of Earth Sciences’ Campus Gotland particular contributions in the field. The lecture will culminate with proposals for further research. Currently we are entering fast the energy transition period which accelerates toward a new state. This state must be one of equilibrium regarding resources, climate, human health and ecosystems and human welfare. The lecture will be given in English.

Chairperson: Prof. Kristofer Gamstedt

Representative of the Associate Professorship Board: Prof. Hemin Koyi