Integrering av terrestra och akvatiska kolflöden – en nyckel för att förstå landskapets kolbalans

  • Date: –14:00
  • Location: Geocentrum Norrland II
  • Lecturer: PhD Marcus Wallin
  • Organiser: Institutionen för geovetenskaper
  • Contact person: Marcus Wallin
  • Docentföreläsning

The Department of Earth Sciences hereby invite all interested to a docent lecture in subject Earth Sciences with specialization in Environmental Analysis.

Abstract: In order to understand the human influence on the climate a basic requirement is a correct description of the carbon cycle including different time scales of the carbon turnover. One component of the carbon cycle is to understand to what degree terrestrial areas act as a source or sink for atmospheric carbon. Traditionally, measurements of the vertical exchange of carbon between terrestrial areas and the atmosphere has been used to answer this question. However, the lateral export of carbon from terrestrial to aquatic systems has often been neglected in this mass balance exercise resulting in an overestimation of the terrestrial carbon sequestration. This lecture will highlight the need for integrating terrestrial and aquatic carbon fluxes in order to correctly describe the landscape carbon balance. Much focus will be on the boreal landscape, a mosaic-like landscape of forest, wetlands, lakes and streams that holds a large share of the global carbon stores in soil and vegetation. The lecture will include an over view as well as detailed examples of aquatic carbon export from different terrestrial systems and how it compares with the vertical carbon exchange. It will furthermore identify the main terrestrial sources and fates of the carbon being exported to aquatic systems, and determine whether it is part of the contemporary cycling or if old carbon stores are mobilized. The time aspect is critical as climatic and land-use changes might alter the source patterns with potential negative feedback on the carbon cycling in turn the climate.

The lecture is an obligatory teaching test for those applying for admittance as docent (associate professor) and it should be possible for students and others with basic academic education in the relevant field to follow it. The lecture will last for 45 minutes and afterwards the audience may ask questions. The lecture will be given in Swedish.