2019 Skytte Prize Winner's Lecture: "People and Governance"

  • Date: –18:00
  • Location: Room X
  • Lecturer: Professor Margaret Levi (CASBS, Stanford University)
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  • Organiser: Skytteanska stiftelsen, Professor Li Bennich-Björkman
  • Contact person: Michal Smrek
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A traditional prize winner's lecture delivered by the laureate of the 2019 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science, Margaret Levi. Open to the general public. Free admission.

Abstract: Why do individuals willingly comply with the demands of governments and leaders, especially when those demands are costly?  The history of the state is a history of finding the right balance of reciprocal obligations between citizens and their governments. When governments provide for the material wants, security, and rights of their people, citizens are more likely to comply with law without being coerced. They are also more likely to engage in self-sacrifice. Over history, states evolved and democracies expanded suffrage and social protections as leaders learn these lessons. As has happened regularly in the past, it is again time to generate governance and economic institutions attuned to the era in which we now live.