Switzerland - Chairperson's Sail & Hike in Central Switzerland

Current Chairperson Erik Naeser invites alumni and friends to join him in the Chairperson's Sail and Hike in Central Switzerland on 19 October.

On this day you are invited to enjoy the elements of Central Switzerland via different historical means of transportation:

- Luzern (11:12) – Vitznau (12:09) : Steamship - riding gracefully on one of the more than 100-year-old magnificent steamships.

- Vitznau (12:15) – Rigi Kulm (12:47) : Cogwheel railway - Europe's first mountain railway opened in 1871.

- Rigi Kulm – Rigi Kaltbad: Hike - some 400 meter decrease in altitude during the descent on easy hiking paths, enjoying the impressive sights, picknick, restaurants etc. as well as great talks and laughter together.

- Rigi Kaltbad – Weggis: Cable car - discovering the current home of the Chapter from the spectacular ride down into the village of Weggis.

- Weggis – Luzern: Motor ship - enjoying a more modern boat ride back to Luzern prior to jumping onto the onward connections.


Come and join us for this historical and fun day together with fellow Uppsala University alumni and friends of Uppsala University - of all age!


Bring family & friends. Self-cost, self-serve basis.


When: Saturday 19th of October, 2019, full day event ~ Ship sails at 11:12 from Luzern ~ 

Where: Central Switzerland


RSVP by 15th of October at uusac@alumni.uu.se

For further information please contact us: uusac@alumni.uu.se

Switzerland - Chairperson's Sail & Hike in Central Switzerland