Open semester start-up lecture: “Of Textbooks and Barricades”

  • Date: –20:00
  • Location: Room X
  • Lecturer: Timothée Parrique
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  • Organiser: CEMUS, Centre for Environment and Development Studies
  • Contact person: Daniel Mossberg
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Welcome to CEMUS spring 2020 semester start-up lecture “Of Textbooks and Barricades” with Timothée Parrique!

As we earn our degrees in the comfort of universities, the climate earns degrees too. Realising this, more and more students are deserting classrooms to take the streets in the name of social-ecological justice. This leaves us with a choice: Should we sit and listen or should we walk out and shout? This might be the most important choice we ever make, but these are not the only two options. The story I will tell is one of sitting and shouting. This is a story of revolution where one throws arguments rather than cobblestones. And this is a story that involves all of you.