Aktuell humanistisk forskning - fyra föredrag

  • Date: –16:40
  • Location: Humanistiska teatern , Engelska parken
  • Organiser: The Royal Society of Humanities at Uppsala and Uppsala University
  • Contact person: Björn Melander
  • Föreläsning

We hereby invite you to join us for an afternoon of four presentations within different areas of research in the humanities. The lectures will be held in Swedish and English, and both languages may be used for questions and discussion.


14:15–14:25:   Hugh Beach & Staffan Nyström: Introduktion
14:30–14:55:   Henrik Ågren: Titulering: Hur social tillhörighet manifesterades och doldes i 1700-talets Sverige
15:00–15:25:   Birsel Karakoç: Typological change or competitive symbiosis? A diachronic study on Persian structures in Turkish

15:25–15:45    Paus

15:45–16:10:   Dag Blanck: Vårt behov av USA
16:15–16:40:   László Károly: Derivation versus compounding in Turkic

Mingel med dryck och snittar.

Please sign up via e-mail to Björn Melander bjorn.melander@nordiska.uu.se