Fritjof Capra and guests: Leonardo and his science

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Blåsenhus Bertil Hammersalen, von Kramers allé 1
  • Lecturer: Nina Burton, Fritjof Capra, Hans Liljenström, Alf Linderman, Daniel Mossberg och Uno Svedin
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  • Organiser: CEMUS, Centrum för miljö- och utvecklingsstudier, Sigtunastiftelsen och Agora for Biosystems
  • Contact person: Daniel Mossberg
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Welcome to an open afternoon with Fritjof Capra, physicist and systems scientist, and guests titled “Leonardo and his science”.

13:00 Welcoming: Alf Linderman (the Sigtuna Foundation), Hans Liljenström (SLU and Agora for Biosystems) and Daniel Mossberg (CEMUS)
13:15 Fritjof Capra: “Leonardo and his science”
14:00 Break
14:15 Uno Svedin: Reflections on Leonardo da Vinci
15:00 Dialogue on the renaissance with Nina Burton and Alf Linderman
15:30 Panel and questions from the audience
16:30 Coffee
17:00 End

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About Fritjof Capra
Fritjof Capra is a physicist and systems scientist, and is the author of a number of highly acknowledged books, such as The Tao of Physics (1975), The Web of Life (1996), and The Science of Leonardo (2007). He has also authored, together with Pier Luigi Luisi, the interdisciplinary textbook, The Systems View of Life (2014).