Brief seminars and group discussions: 4 topics

You will get the opportunity to meet others with similar concerns and get some answers and tips. You will also receive information, worksheets, along with book & app tips.

You are welcome to sign up for whichever seminar is of interest. At the same time, we encourage you to attend all of them to help create a supportive group. There is a 16 person limit per seminar, so there may be a queue.



Self-care, Sleep, and Exercise – Tuesday, 29 September at 14:30-16:00.
Do you need encouragement to take better care of yourself or perhaps help with sleep issues?

Stress Management – Tuesday, 6 October at 14:30-16:00.
Do you feel stressed by expectations, deadlines, and a high workload?

Relaxation and Mindfulness – Tuesday, 13 October at 14:30-16:00.
Do you want some tools for relaxation and for living “in the now”?

Perfectionism and Self-Compassion– Tuesday, 20 October at 14:30-16:00.
Do you have unrealistic expectations of yourself? Are you overly self-critical or have irrational thoughts that influence your emotions?


Registration: E-mail to and you will receive a Doodle in which you can choose your topics of interest. Open from 26 August through 16 October.