Illuminating cancer cells using small organic compounds

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  • Lecturer: Dr. Christine Dyrager
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  • Organiser: Institutionen för kemi-BMC
  • Contact person: Dr. Cristine Dyrager
  • Phone: 018-471 3812
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Chairperson: Prof. Helena Grennberg
Representative of the Docentship Committee: Prof. Adolf Gogoll

Abstract: Imaging agents that target cancer-specific hallmarks are important for medical diagnostics and in personalized medicine (e.g., for tailored treatments with respect to drug response). However, efficient imaging requires that such imaging agents recognize cancer-specific processes so they can bind to (or accumulate in) cancer cells. In this lecture, I will talk about how small organic compounds can be used to distinguish between cancer cells and normal cells and therefore be used as diagnostic tools for cancer imaging.

The lecture is an obligatory teaching test for those applying for admittance as docent and it should be possible for students and others with basic academic education in the relevant field to follow it. The lecture will last for 45 minutes and afterwards the audience may ask questions. The lecture will be given in English.