Webinar: Identities and Effects of Different Generations on Media Content Production and Consumption in Russia

Join the event on Zoom https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/66044199047

Dr. Greg Simons (IRES) together with a team of seven researchers received funding from the Russian Science Foundation to investigate contemporary media, journalism and audience situation in Russia. The project titled “Digitalisation of Communicative-Cultural Memory and Problems of its Intergenerational Transmission” is based at the Department of Journalism at Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg, Russia). 

Media has become the main mode of production of experience for the “digital generation”, since it not only reflects a multifaceted picture of the world, providing it to the modern person, but also participates in shaping cultural, political, and social values. For the first time in the history of civilization, we observe a special intergenerational gap caused by various established communication practices. Both the media content producers and the audience implement these practices in non-concurrent media environments and platforms.

At the seminar project participants will present and discuss preliminary findings. Furthermore, the project participants will discuss what remains to be done in terms of the plan of the research programme. 

Webinar participants

Alina Lozovskaya holds a Master’s degree in Fundamental and Applied Linguistics. She works on the development of thesauruses, compilation of language corpora, and analysis of large data for practical purposes. Along with English and French, she knows R, Python and SQL programming languages. She is interested in using Machine Learning and Data Science methods in applied linguistics. Her main areas of scientific interest include computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, and natural language processing (NLP).

Dr. Greg Simons is Associate Professor at IRES and leading researcher with the Humanitarian Institute at Ural Federal University, Russia.

Valeria Solomeina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Linguistics. She is currently a Master’s student of marketing and project management. Her research interests include both marketing research and the characteristics of multimedia storytelling and its perception by the "digital" generation. She speaks English, Spanish and French along with her mother tongue, Russian. 

Sergey Sverdlov, a PhD student in Ural Federal University, Russian Federation. His field of research includes general psychology, psychology of personality and motivation, and cognitive science.