Thursday seminar: Chemistry or service?

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Zoom
  • Lecturer: Lena Gunnarsson, docent in Gender Studies at Örebro University
  • Organiser: The Centre for Gender Research
  • Contact person: Nicole Oversen
  • Seminarium

How is ’sugar daddies’ desire for sugar dating arrangements to be based on mutual interest and pleasure played out in a commercial context that is constructed to bypass the requirement of such mutuality?

Welcome to the Thursday seminar: Chemistry or service? Sugar daddies’ quest for mutuality within the confines of commercial exchange

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The presentation is based on a research project that maps heterosexual sugar dating in Sweden and draws on a survey questionnaire and interviews with sugar daters. The paper focuses on how ‘sugar daddies’ negotiate the tension entailed by the fact that although they pay for access to ‘sugar babies’, they want the women to be with them for non-instrumental reasons – because they like the interactions with the men in and of themselves.