SYMPOSIUM: Indo-European Ecologies

  • Date: –17:30
  • Location: SCAS SCAS, Linnéanum, Thunbergssalen, Thunbergsvägen 2 Uppsala
  • Lecturer: Davide Ermacora, Leszek Gardeła, Riccardo Ginevra, Peter Jackson, Anders Richardt Jørgensen, Anders Kaliff, Jenny Helena Larsson, Birgit Anette Olsen, Terje Østigaard
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  • Organiser: Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS)
  • Contact person: Klas Holm
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This is an event of the research programme LAMP – Languages and Myths of Prehistory and the Centre for Studies in Indo-European Language and Culture (Stockholm University).


The symposium Indo-European Ecologies deals with various aspects of the Indo-Europeans’ relationship to cattle and milk, including a number of threats to this cattle economy. The relationship to cattle is expressed in words, myths and rituals, occurring in numerous variants in different Indo-European contexts. This may be assumed to have its essential basis in the original pastoral lifestyle and the ecological conditions for large-scale cattle herds on the Eurasian steppe. Both archaeological and environmental historical findings about the conditions on the Eurasian steppe are therefore of great value to highlight as a background to why notions of cattle and milk have gained such a significant and long-lasting position in various Indo-European cultural traditions.

Discussants: Lisa Bukhave, Tommy Kuusela, Andreas Nordberg

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